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not quite so petit (as the pattern) sac
Le Petit Sac by Pam Allen
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
Quince & Co. Sparrow

6/11: Finished bag measures about 8x9”. No way could I get my knitting as tight as the original seems to be, and I’m not a loose knitter. I couldn’t go down to a smaller needle; I ruined a bamboo US2 with those LTs and the metal was too slippery. Because mine was coming out wider, I made it longer, too, so the overall proportion still worked. I switched the strap to garter stitch because i-cord seemed too thin for the larger size and also? I-cord with this yarn sucked. I didn’t really enjoy knitting with this yarn. I found it splittier than other linens I’ve used.

I sewed a muslin lining, and the strap is sewn to both the knitting and the lining, for extra security. Although it’s not what I pictured exactly when I started, it’s still cute, and with the lining, it’s usable, too. I suppose if I was able to get that itty bitty gauge it wouldn’t need a lining, but I’m okay with the lining instead. (Even if I did get that itty bitty gauge, I think I’d still add the lining.)

6/8: For something that’s taken me so long, I’m not nearly happy enough with it so far. The bag itself is done, but it’s bigger than it should be, because I had to knit loose, and even so, I CRACKED the brand new Hiya Hiya needle I bought just for this because my metal was too slippery with the yarn. Before I knit the strap I’m going to sew in a muslin lining because there’s no way this bag is going to hold its shape (or a pencil) without one.

Slow going. Several false starts. A rather diabolical combination of stitch pattern, yarn, and needle size. It got easier when I began knitting very loosely, which of course affected gauge, but like heck am I going down a needle size. I don’t see how this bag will survive without a lining, so luckily I was planning to add one anyway. Maybe it I didn’t carry anything in it but my ID and my lipstick, but since I’m not 21 anymore, it’s going to have to hold a little more than that.

It’s going to be very pretty when it’s done, I think (I hope), but it might not be done in time for THIS summer.

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May 2011
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