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Green Winter Mitts
October 22 2008
October 25 2008
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Green Winter Mitts
Garter Stitch Mitts by Ysolda Teague
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm
Garance - Wool linen blend
none left in stash
0.5 skeins = 71.1 yards (65.0 meters), 50 grams

I decided to test if I had a really good handle on the Japanese short row method and gave a try to an improvised version of these in stockinette - so basically, I changed everything but the bare idea / proportions, since the stitch counts are really different from the vastly thicker yarn I used. I will try to write down what I did exactly, but I’m not even sure I did the same thing for both. Close though; they look alike at a glance.

I am deeply in love with those - the stockinette gives them a look I did not expect to like so much, but I do. I sent them away with the scarf and the recipient got them today and loves them, too, so this project is an unqualified yaye!

Here’s basically what I did - mostly I changed the stitch counts, but not the row counts (or I don’t remember having done so - but I knit three different versions in about 2 weeks so they’re running together a little).

Where Ysolda’s version has a 42 stitches cast-on I had 28 stitches, like on my other versions in heavy worsted. I placed the marker to enable short-rowing the wrist after 15 stitches.

Where the thumb is, I have Ysolda’s lines “k to 3/then 6/then 9 sts before marker, w+t” become “k to 1/then 3/then 4 sts before marker, w+t”, while all the “k to 10 sts from end, turn without wrapping” becomes “k to 6 sts from end, turn without wrapping”.

I think I needed less repeats for the closing of the hand, perhaps four instead of five? And since my version is long in the wrist, I needed one more short row to widen the very bottom… I think I turned after 7 stitches from the edge, once or twice, to help it flare somewhat.

The stockinette rolled naturally at the top and bottom after I was done kitcheneering the mitt closed. Lovely.

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October 22 2008
October 25 2008
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