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September 3 2013
September 26 2013
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Swirlpool Socks
Exotic Whirlpool by Natalia Vasilieva
Needles & yarn
US 00 - 1.75 mm
Knitters Nightmare Yarn & Fiber Skeleton Sock
20 yards in stash
0.95 skeins = 380.0 yards (347.5 meters), 95 grams

Attempt one: Used the largest pattern size because I knew my gauge was smaller than recommended, but didn’t actually calculate anything because I’m a doofus. Came out child sized.

Attempt two: Recalculated pattern based on my actual gauge. Knit. The sock was a tiny bit loose, but would have been okay, had it not taken 71g (!!) of yarn. Obviously I couldn’t make a second one from my 100g ball, so…

Attempt three: Slightly smaller in the foot, reduced the leg length by almost half. YAY! Great fit, and each sock is 47g, so I was able to complete the pair with a little left over.

I really loved working with the unusual construction on these. My advice for anyone else knitting this pattern is to be very careful with both sizing and yardage :) Stockinette socks I make with the same leg length usually take around 35g of yarn each, for comparison. Garter stitch is hungry!

The Knitters Nightmare yarn is fabulous, it stood up to repeated knitting and frogging without showing any wear and the wide stripes really work well for this pattern.

More details on my modifications - probably won’t make any sense unless you’ve had a good look at the pattern ;)

For attempt two I changed each block/tier to be 9 stitches and 9 ridges, which gave me the equivalent to the pattern gauge - I was knitting on tiny needles! And I shortened the foot, following the method shown in the diagrams on page 3 of the pattern i.e. I drew out the new shape, sliced across it diagonally and moved the pieces to the other side, then rotated 45deg and put on the new grid. That made the shape to be knitted a bit different but the same method worked fine (like the difference between version A and B).

For attempt three I changed each block/tier to be 8 stitches and 8 ridges, and knit a little more loosely. I didn’t have to change the foot length for this one, but I did make the leg 40% shorter (6 blocks instead of 10). I didn’t really need to recalculate the pattern for that since it doesn’t change the shape, I just worked out my cast on and number of stitches before the heel etc from the diagram, remembering that I had 6 blocks of 8 stitches in the green leg section.

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September 3 2013
September 26 2013
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by Knitters Nightmare Yarn & Fiber
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