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three colours: red
September 19 2013
September 23 2013
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three colours: red
Machine Knitting
me :)
Tools and equipment
Brother KH-910
Brother KH 892
Merino 50% 28/2 NM
Merino 80% 28/2 NM
cashwool from Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia

I didn’t have the pattern, but I’ve tried as much as I can to make it similar to an original sweater.

My gauge is off and I’m going to do it on the knitting machine. With a little help of calculator and my intuition I’m hoping that soon you will see some pics of those juicy redness :)

So far so good. Two hours after and I’m almoust at the end. I need to knit a cowl and some ribs at edges. Maybe I will do it all today, if my machine will handle it ;)

I’ve finished. It’s already blocked, I need only to add some pics.

I decided to knit edges by hand, so the ribb is twisted ribb 2x2, my favorite one, on both sides, because I couldn’t decide on which (knitted or purled) side I’m going to wear this.

Sewn at edges in the body and in sleeves. It looks like I will have an oportunity to wear this on both sides. yay :)
I love how it turned out. It’s going to be my new favorite sweater at this autumn. :)

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September 19 2013
September 23 2013
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