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Eat Me!
March 16 2019
March 18 2019
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Eat Me!
Elephant by Sachiyo Ishii
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
27 yards = 0.12 skeins
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0.12 skeins = 27.7 yards (25.3 meters), 6 grams
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February 11, 2015

A gift for my hubby to remind him “how you eat an elephant” so he can focus on accomplishing big projects step by step instead of getting caught up in the whole, overwhelming thing.

I wanted to knit this with my Sublime (with US2) and got most of the way through the body before I realized I would not have enough yarn. I thought I had 14g but I only had 9. Oops.

So take two, this time with a yarn I have 49.8g. I should definitely not run out!

Took me maybe 2.5 hours or so to knit. I decided to block it so drying out in a bit of a delay. Now I just need to stitch it together. Assembly is why I adore these patterns; you go from flat pieces that don’t look like the finished product (my husband cannot understand that yes, it already has the legs) to boom, 3D animal. I find it so fun.

Stuffed it withe plastic beads. Used some doubled up pipe cleaners to stabilize the legs. Had some issues with trunk being too long do I sewed the trunk in a curled up position.

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March 16 2019
March 18 2019
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