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Running Bond Bricks Socks
October 25 2018
November 25 2018
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Running Bond Bricks Socks
Running Bond Bricks Socks by Liz Harris
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Zitron Trekking Maxima
78 yards in stash
0.8 skeins = 367.2 yards (335.8 meters), 80 grams
Knitting Under The Influence in Shreveport, Louisiana
May 24, 2014

CO 28, increase every other rnd to 72 sts. Knit one plain round, start pattern.

I thought it would look weird starting with the top line of one brick so skipped that but retrospectively it would have looked just fine. Not going to fret about it though.

I also went back and did ktbl between the sides of the bricks because I didn’t like how that gapy knit stitch looked. I like the twisted knits there but next time could probably skip the twist on the very first row of the brick pattern since it the twisted stitches overlap the bricks a little now. But again, I’m not going to fret.

I’m mirroring the pattern on the second sock. I find it weird that the brick pattern is off-center in the sock. Am I just way too much of a perfectionist that this threw me off? But yeah, that fact meant it’s pretty much required to mirror the second sock. Perhaps this is addressed somewhere in the pattern but since I do my own toes and heels, I rarely read sock patterns anymore. Just go straight to the chart or pattern stitch.

This isn’t exactly a mindless pattern to knit (it’s not hard though, I just have to count rows sometimes and pay attention to where I am a bit more proactively than other texture patterns) but I’m really liking the end result.

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October 25 2018
November 25 2018
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by Zitron
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