June 2016
June 2016


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Cloudy by Kim Hargreaves
L to get S
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm


I know very little about this yarn - just that it is ColourMart.
The color is greenish grey, something like army green. After washing in hot water the yarn became very soft. The cardigan is light, almost weightless, but rather warm, even though it is a lace pattern.
My gauge was totally off so I made size L to get my size. The original pattern turned out to be rather short, so I made all parts longer (even sleeves).
About the lace. It is only 2 rows, but it is counter-intuitive and very easy to make a mistake while knitting. I listened to a very sound advice of this knitter to start with a small part (in my case it was a sleeve). I had to reknit this sleeve at least 5 times. As well as the right front (I had to reknit all the parts at least 1 time each because of the mistakes in the pattern that I missed).
You cannot read, watch a movie, or talk, while making this cardigan (at least I couldn’t that is why I finished it quickly) because you have to be constantly focused and pay attention. I would prefer to never knit this lace again but I love the end result and am going to wear this a lot.
More pictures and details on my blog.

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June 2016
June 2016
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