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Swirl jacket
January 7 2013
December 1 2013
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Swirl jacket
Strata Sphere by Sandra McIver
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Needles & yarn
madelinetosh Tosh Vintage
9 skeins = 1800.0 yards (1645.9 meters)
Fiber Gallery in Seattle, Washington
January 7, 2013

1/7/13 Bought my yarn today. Intended to buy Noro Silk Garden and make a bright sweater with lots of color changes, but I didn’t like the feel of the yarn. I saw the Madelinetosh and fell in love with the feel and the color. Now to swatch…

1/12/13 Cast on 537 stitches and joined the circle. Took my time so I’m pretty sure I didn’t twist yarn. The yarn feels really nice to knit with.

1/28/13 I am at welt #6 and about to start fourth skein. I should have enough yarn since I bought three extra skeins (I am naturally a worrier) and everyone says the beginning eats up a lot of yarn…537 stitches after all! It is very curly.

2/6/13 Halfway through welt #10 and I started my fifth skein! I have a total of ten. Still trying not to hyperventilate.
2/17/13 Finished welt #13, ready to start bodice. Used 5 skeins of 7 needed according to pattern. I have three extra in reserve. Someone talk me down off the ledge! :-)

2/18/13 on welt #15 and started skein #6.

2/20/13 Welt #17.

3/8/13 on welt #24 and started skein #7

3/16/13 Finished welt #33 and the back bodice. About to start sleeve cast on. Followed Sandra McIver’s instructions to lengthen or shorten sleeves posted on her website. If I did everything right I need to shorten each sleeve by 2.25” or 8 stitches. To make it more complicated :-) I am going the change the cuff. I am replacing the folded back cuffs with the cuffs that are on Tangerine Rose, so I will need to reduce the cast on for each sleeve by another 13 stitches.

3/24/13 I was out-of-town for three days and did not knit at all!! Just finished the cast on for sleeves. They look really short but I read that this is normal and after blocking they will fit fine.

4/17/13 Ooops! I am at the halfway point on the sleeves and realized today I have done the cuffs wrong. I have them wrong side out. When I started the cuffs I knew this could be a problem and I thought I had been careful but clearly I wasn’t. I will be ripping out today.

4/24/13 Stayed up until 1:00 a.m. this morning to rip out the cuffs and start over. I needed the family asleep to tackle this uninterrupted. I am back on track and ready to visit 1hundredprojects this weekend!

5/8/13 1hundredprojects and I walked in the 21-miler during Big Sur Marathon on Sunday April 28th. When we were not walking we were knitting, talking, and drinking! A fabulous weekend!!

12/1 I’m done! I finished knitting months ago but the seam was a bear. Finally finished the seam with help from 1hundredprojects who also sent me the beautiful pin. This was a fun, challenging projects, and I would be interested in making another sometime. However, this is not a sweater that I just throw on. The back tends to flair out a bit so I need to fuss, fiddle, and adjust the sweater to make the back lay flat. Love the yarn! Enjoyed our traditional “sweater completion bottle of champagne” with KMDesigns!

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January 7 2013
December 1 2013
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