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Elsewhere, As In Far Far Away
July 27 2012
August 10 2012
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Elsewhere, As In Far Far Away
Faraway, So Close by Carina Spencer
Great Aunt Arlene
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm
Indigodragonfly MCS Worsted
40 yards in stash
2.35 skeins = 446.5 yards (408.3 meters), 270 grams
Indigodragonfly in Haliburton, Ontario
June 2, 2012

I’m doing a single color because I’m not sure I like the look of the contrasting color edging for this shawl

Using #10 Signature circs

When she says this pattern grows with blocking, she means it:
pre-blocking width:37.5 inches
post-blocking width: 49.5 inches

pre-blocking length: 18.5 inches
post-blocking length: 24.5 inches

While this is the small size, it’s still a much larger shawl than I’m used to….I almost think the large size would feel more like a blanket.

Following all those pattern changes was a bit confusing. I found it helpful to number them and then check them off as I completed them.

I was skeptical of the crocheted edging, but once I actually started it I saw that it really did improve the look of the edging. It’s subtle, but definately makes it look cleaner.

Once blocked the ruffle didn’t turn out looking very ruffley….which I’m kind of happy about. I’m not much of a ruffle fan and I really like the clean stockinette edge after all that wild patterning.

I wet blocked it and pinned it out in the blocking house (AKA playhouse), pinning each eyelet along the ruffle increase row, a line across the top edge, and a pin in each corner of the ruffle edge.

It was too stuffy in the blocking house and after nearly 24 hours it was just as damp as I left it, so I transferred it to my room - put it on my bed with the fan on it - and it dried in no time.

After looking through other’s projects and seeing how this knit up I think this pattern might look great in a variegated yarn and with the contrasting border - against all reason. I went with a semisoild single color because the pattern was so busy, but I think with the right pairing the contrasting edge could look very nice and I’ve seen projects knitted in variegated yarns that look quite lovely and don’t seem to clash with the patterning at all. I like the idea of modifying it to use fingering weight yarn too, as the worsted weight makes it quite heavy and warm - it would be nice to have a light spring/early fall option too.

95g left

this one went to live with my great aunt Arlene while she recovers from her second broken hip and pneumonia

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July 27 2012
August 10 2012
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by Indigodragonfly
75% Merino, 15% Cashmere goat, 10% Silk
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