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TARDIS fingerless gloves
TARDIS Wristwarmers by Sarah Kuper
Lynsey, myself
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
804 yards = 3 skeins
Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids
1 skein = 268.0 yards (245.1 meters), 128 grams
Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids
1 skein = 268.0 yards (245.1 meters), 128 grams
Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids
1 skein = 268.0 yards (245.1 meters), 128 grams

**UPDATED: I made an actual pattern page with my final version of modifications included, it can be found here:***

I knit these entirely in the round. Thumbs were added as well, although they mess up the lettering a bit as the E got cut off from POLICE on the front of the left hand glove in the first pair I made. I partially fixed this in the second pair by adding an extra two stitches of black into the gap between “BOX” and “POLICE” and then shaving these two stitches off the end of the round. You could also start the thumb gusset about 3 stitches further in for the right glove and 3 stitches earlier on the left glove, as having the thumbs exactly in the middle still tends to pull the pattern in either direction when wearing the gloves.

I cut off the white yarn on either side of the thumbs so there wouldn’t be a big white loop of yarn on the inside to get your thumb caught in. Made for more weaving in at the end, but the alternative would be to add some white into the thumb so play with that if you want.

I cut off the blue and switched to black for the lettering section as well, instead of working with 3 colours.

These are a bit big, even for my giant hands, but 4mm were the smallest needles I had. Definitely recommend smaller needles if you have smaller hands. I’m tempted to change the cuff to a 1x1 ribbing as well as these ones stretch out pretty easily

Modified Instructions on the round with thumbs:
pm = place marker
sm = slip marker
m1 = make one
m1R = make one right
m1L = make one left
k2tog = knit two together
You’ll still need the chart from the original pattern :)

CO 40 sts, 10 sts on each needle or divide in two if using the magic loop method. Join in round, being careful not to twist sts.
Work in 2×2 rib for 2.5” (about 15 rows)
Rnd 1: k even.
Rnd 2: k20, pm, m1, pm, k20 (this will make the thumbs exactly in the middle and allow you to knit both gloves exactly the same and interchange them)
Or, if you want to move the thumb gusset over a bit… Left glove: k17, pm, m1, pm, k to end
Right glove: k23, pm, m1, pm, k to end
You’ll likely want to move the chart a bit to accommodate, but all other direction remain the same

Rnd 3: k even
Rnd 4: k to marker, sm, m1R, k1, m1L, sm, k to end
Rnd 5: k even
Row 6: K 3, pm, K to marker, sm, m1R, k to marker, m1L, sm, K until 3 sts remaining, pm, K3
Rows 7 (and odd rows until Row 15): K3, start working chart using Fair Isle, knit between thumb markers, continue chart, k3
Row 8 (and even rows until Row 16): k3, follow chart to thumb markers, sm, m1R, k to marker, m1L, sm, continue chart, k3
On Row 17, k3, follow chart to thumb markers, slip stitches between thumb markers onto stitch holder, then rejoin in the round, continue to work chart, k3 (40 sts on needles, 15 on stitch holder)
Row 18 - 26: k3, work chart, k3
Rows 27-28: knit two rows even in blue
Work 2×2 ribbing until desired length is achieved (I did 4 rows), then bind off in pattern

Thumb: Slip sts from stitch holder back on to needles. Pick up 3 stitches in the gap, knit around
Next row: k2tog, k14, k2tog
Work 2x2 ribbing until desired length (I did 4 rows)
Bind off in pattern

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December 22 2013
December 29 2013
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