Shetland jumper
November 2013
April 4, 2014

Shetland jumper

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Needles & yarn
1,919 yards = 7.2 skeins
Klazien's Kreatie Shetland Wolle
0.4 skeins = 98.4 yards (90.0 meters), 20 grams
Klazien’s Kreatie
Klazien's Kreatie Shetland Wolle
1.3 skeins = 319.9 yards (292.5 meters), 65 grams
Klazien’s Kreatie
Klazien's Kreatie Shetland Wolle
2.3 skeins = 565.9 yards (517.5 meters), 115 grams
Klazien’s Kreatie
Klazien's Kreatie Shetland Wolle
2.6 skeins = 639.8 yards (585.0 meters), 130 grams
Klazien’s Kreatie
Klazien's Kreatie Shetland Wolle
0.6 skeins = 295.3 yards (270.0 meters), 60 grams

February 2016
Did I really make this? Giving myself a little pat on the back and reminding myself that I used to love to make intricate, labour-intensive things before the invisible dangling hammer hit.

November 2013
Starting a jumper based on a picture in Mary-Jane Mucklestone’s 200 fair-isle designs. It is an original Shetland jumper supposedly from the 1890’s.

Ordered 11 skeins in total because the colour ratios were quite unfortunate. I calculated 37% red, 30% indigo, 17% undyed, 12,6 % black, 3,2 % yellow, but that is based on main chart alone, not the cuffs and collar.
Assuming a sweater needs approx. 8 skeins, I ordered
3 red,
3 indigo,
2 undyed,
2 black (because calculations tell me I need 1,008 skeins :( )
1 yellow

Let’s just hope I have enough

14 november 2013:
I have the wool in my posession!! YEAS!

March 31st 2013:
I have done my first steeks ever this weekend, I used a crocheted reinforcement. It was exciting, and all in all I did well, but it turns out te be a little more unstable as a fabric edge than I thought. After I cut the steeks there were some floats that had come undone at the back, and I had to salvage them. It was a bit scary. I hope they will felt soon. I have also grafted the shoulders together and that looks super clean and neat within the colourwork. I have tried to make the cuffs and hem in a way that doesn’t curl up like corrugated rib usually does, and I think I did an OK job.

When it comes to the amount of yarn I am clearly not in trouble, I have loads left, but no ball is unused, so my calculations were right.

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November 2013
April 4, 2014
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by Klazien's Kreatie
Light Fingering
100% Shetland
241 yards / 50 grams

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