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Aloe Driftwood
driftwood by Isabell Kraemer
Needles & yarn
1,748 yards = 4 skeins
Bendigo Woollen Mills Persian 8 ply
2 skeins = 874.0 yards (799.2 meters), 400 grams
Bendigo Woollen Mills Persian 8 ply
2 skeins = 874.0 yards (799.2 meters), 400 grams

19/8/12 - Yippee! I’m almost on the home stretch. Yes, those increases were totally doing my head in but I got past it. I am now up to working up to the 2nd increase after joining in the round ie the body under the armholes. Looking good. The weather is still cold so I might get perhaps 2 day’s of wear this season hahaha.

23/7/12 - I have knitted the first 3 rows 4x! I keep having to unravel as I am stuffing up the M1L and M1R RS vs WS and moving the markers. I think I will have to stop knitting in front of the tv at night until I get this started and moving along. So I am back to the cast-on stitches. Hopefully just a slow start and will get fanging soon!

19/7/12 - The pattern calls for worsted weight but I’m using DK as it rarely gets cold enough where I live to use a heavier yarn

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July 19 2012
work in progress
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by Bendigo Woollen Mills
75% Wool, 15% Mohair, 5% Silk, 5% Alpaca
437 yards / 200 grams
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  • Project created: July 19, 2012
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