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April 23 2012
April 23 2012
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Harry's Rocket
Little Rocket by Megan Kelly
Needles & yarn

Jen invited us to Harry’s birthday party. I needed a quick toy for Harry’s 2nd birthday. I was housebound due to my kids being sick so I couldn’t get out to buy a gift for him. This was the perfect solution! I am quite pleased with the results however my stitches where the DPNs joined are a bit loose. Not sure how to overcome this. Usually, blocking helps but this item isn’t blocked.

I didn’t know what substitute stitch was either, but I used this tutorial Very easy!

And yes, a perfect project to use up my scraps from all the colourful beanies I’ve been knitting!

My boys have placed their orders for some and so has my step-daughter who is in her mid-twenties! Knitted up in one evening.

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April 23 2012
April 23 2012
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