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The knitting project when visiting Granny

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February 15 2013
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The knitting project when visiting Granny
patons bluebell 5ply bk 1190
Needles & yarn
australian superfine wool 5ply crepe supersoft
Sport (12 wpi)

20/2/13 - FINISHED. I stitched my last joining stitch at 4 pm today. I have no idea how to feel. I have put it on and have confirmed that I look dreadful in jumpers. Definitely a house jumper. But it is finished. If my Granny were still alive, she would rejoice with me as this was a project I started to knit with her when I visited. That was 15 years ago. It’s good to knock over another UFO, especially this dinosaur. Will upload pics later.

18/2/13 - I can hardly believe it, but I have finished knitting all the pieces. Actually it was finished two years or so ago apart from the damaged caused by my son. So the back was pulled back then re knitted. I am currently stitching the pieces together but as this jumper has taken me 15 years to complete, I have a slight discrepancy in my tension and attention to detail. Stitching together may take me a little while yet. I am hardly thrilled by this experience. I have tried it on and it does fit but I don’t know if it is still fashionable. Oh well, will keep me warm around the house.

2/11/12 - I wasn’t going to include this knit as I started it 15 years ago! It was a little project I was working on with my Granny who has now since passed.

I was close to finishing it 2 years after it being frogged for 12 years but my then 2 year old hacked at it with a needle and pulled and broke some knitting strands. So I have pulled it back to re-do and there it has stopped. Too many new projects to work on (see everything listed in my projects hahaha).

I will finish it for next Winter! It may be out of fashion but I will finish it!!!

NB This pattern is not in the Ravelry Database so I have included a picture of the finished jumper straight from the pattern book. I do not wish to breach any copyright so I will remove pic if necessary. The pattern book details have been listed.

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February 15 2013
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