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Tiago's wash cloth #2
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Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8 Ply

30/7/12 - I had actually finished the wash cloth for Friday but I wasn’t happy with my crocheted edge, then Tiago’s mother postponed our playdate which relieved me so that I could redo it. Best thing is to leave knitting a few days when it has bugged you, don’t you think? Looking much better now and was happily received. Yay.


co 48
rows 1 - 4: seed stitch (K1, P1 repeat to end of row then P1, K1 on the next row)

rows 5-8: seed stitch 4 sts, stocking st 44 (k on first row for RS, then purl on next row for WS), seed stitch 4 sts

row 9 (RS): seed stitch 4 sts, K4, seed stitch 2 sts, K28, seed stitch 2 sts, K4, seed stitch 4 sts

row 10 (WS): seed stitch 4 sts, P4, seed stitch 2 sts, (K4, P4) repeat from 2 times, P4, seed stitch 2 sts, P4, seed stitch 4 sts

row 11: seed stitch 4 sts, K4, seed stitch 2 sts, (P4, K4) repeat from 2 times, P4, seed stitch 2 sts, K4, seed stitch 4 sts.

Repeat rows 10 & 11 once

Row 14: as row 11
Row 15: as row 10

Repeat rows 14 & 15 once

Rows 10-15 form pattern. Repeat 3 times.

Row 31: as row 10
Row 32: as row 11
Row 33: as row 10
Row 34: as row 11
Row 35: as row 9
Rows 36 - 39: as rows 5-8
Rows 40 - 44: as rows 1-4

25/7/12 - after finishing Tiago’s wash cloth #1, I thought a second was needed. This time I cast on the same number of stitches (48) in Latte (the colour I used to boarder the first one) and began with 4 rows seed stitch. As you can see from pic, seed stitch will make the board with an inner border of st st, then a thin boarder of seed stitch to the middle motif of the check board that I used in the first cloth. Full on free-styling so I am hoping it turns out ok.

I may crochet a sc boarder in white for contrast, consistant with the first one.

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July 25 2012
July 29 2012
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by Bendigo Woollen Mills
100% Cotton
529 yards / 200 grams
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