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Robyn's Raggedy-Man

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December 15 2012
December 17 2012
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Robyn's Raggedy-Man
Eleventh Doctor Big and Cuddly (crochet) by Nyss Parkes
Robyn, via Rupie
Hooks & yarn
3.0 mm
Elle Family Knit DK

I casually suggested to the Wups that this might be a good present for Robyn since they both found Dr Who together as a couple. The fact that I have been dying to make one of these for ages entered into it more than a little, I think :P If this goes well, I just might consider it a dry run before I make the BEST doctor, although lord knows I have no use for knick-knacks and whatnot. But the fact that this is turning out so amazingly cute isn’t helping. I….I WANT it.

Dec 17 - Er. Ma. Gherd. This could possibly be the cutest thing I have ever made. I have one more sleeve to do and then it will be done; I even made him a little mop out of a stick and some string. Since I am now officially on holiday, I think this calls for an awesome timey-wimey photo-shoot in the garden tomorrow. I might even have to make props :P

A few hours later…

He is done! :D Seriously considering making some of these, so that he can swipe tiny daleks with his mop. Maybe I’m just overtired…

18 Dec - So yeah, I made a tiny dalek :P I was going to make 3, in grey, dark grey and brown, but that might not be done by the time Rupie goes to visit Robyn, so I did the photoshoot anyway.

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December 15 2012
December 17 2012
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