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June 22 2013
September 12 2013
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grassy lassie
Pont Neuf by Emily Wessel
36 with mods
Needles & yarn
SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash DK
3 skeins = 768.0 yards (702.3 meters), 345 grams

this yarn was an impulse buy, yarn shopping with my mum. i am pretty short on yardage, but i am also pretty short as a human. my swatch was spot on for gauge, so im gonna knit a shortened version of the body (just past waist length, like always) and do the sleeves last. if i need more yarn, i’ll get more later.

my bust measures 40” but my waist is little and my shoulders are narrow, so i think im going to make the 36 with a few modifications to make room for laverne and shirley rather than make the 41 and have it fit funny.

i did 3 increases after separating the sleeves, in the rows before the waist shaping starts, adding 6st over a bunch of rows.

increased the rate of waist decreases (every 6 for thr first 2, then every 4) and added an extra set (to compensate for the extra stitches i added).

incresed the rate of hip increaeses (every 6 for the first 2, then every 4.

left out plain stockinette portion after hip increases (shorten body by 4”).

sleeve mods- increase rate of decs (short arms) but dont do all of them (final st count 57 before cuff)

dec 2 more st after half the cuff.

its doooooonnnne! the only thing that seems impefect to me is that the neckline came out a little snug. if i knit this again, i would use a stretchier cast on, or use larger needles maybe? i was pretty close to running out of yarn, but i made it! i even have a teeny bit left over, and i may undo the cast off on the sleeves and add a few more rows of garter… or maybe i wont.

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June 22 2013
September 12 2013
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by SweetGeorgia Yarns
100% Merino
256 yards / 115 grams
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