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June 21 2011
June 24 2011
Project info
Cupcake Magnets
My friend's mom! (birthday)
About an inch tall
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
Knit Picks Palette

See below for the pattern. If you don’t want it to be a magnet, it could easily also be just a random small cupcake with no purpose! :) They are super cute, but I highly recommend not eating them.

I made these magnets for my friend’s mom-- she loves baking, and I wanted to make something functional, so this is what I came up with! :)

They only take about 45 mins each, including sewing the beads and cherry on, for a fast knitter.

Hope you like these! :D I may have written too much for its pattern, but I hope I elaborated enough for it to make sense. I won’t be posting this as a public pattern so I hope these notes will do!

(There may be a few mistakes-- if you find any, let me know and I’ll have it changed on here!)

Anything in Italics means to repeat it until the end of row.

Pattern Notes:

  1. CO 6 in your desired wrapper color and distribute between 3 dpns.
  2. Kfb all sts. (12)
  3. K1, Kfb. (18)
  4. K2, Kfb. (24)
  5. P 1 row.
  6. Work 5 rows in K1P1 ribbing.
  7. BO all sts.
  8. Pick up sts from the back loop of BO edge in your desired frosting color (so that you can still see half of the BO edge-- see pictures to understand) and distribute evenly between 3 dpns. You should still have 24 sts on your needle.
  9. K 2 rows.
  10. K2, K2tog. (18)
  11. K1, K2tog. (12)
  12. Cut out a small circle of cardstock, heavy paper, or cardboard (a circle of any stiff flat substance will work) and place it all the way down at the bottom of the cupcake. This gives the bottom a bit of support.
  13. Put in a small amount of polyfill stuffing. Note: I’ve found that if you take the bit of stuffing and roll it into a more compact ball before putting it in, it makes the cupcake look less wonky.
  14. K2tog all sts. (6)
  15. K2tog all sts. (3)
  16. Cut yarn and pull through remaining sts.
  17. Weave in yarn ends.
  18. Using small seed beads of varying colors (I used pastel-colored ones), thread a regular sewing needle with any color thread (I used blue) stick the needle in on the bottom of the cupcake (or the place where you plan on glueing on the magnet) and begin sewing on the beads. Bring your needle out of the cupcake in place where you desire a ‘sprinkle’, bring the needle through the bead, and stick your needle back into the cupcake a very small distance from where it came out. When finished, don’t weave in the yarn end yet.
  19. To make the cherry bead, bring your threaded needle up to the very tip-top of the cupcake (or where you desire the cherry), thread a round red bead onto it, then thread 2 long green beads. Then, go back into the first green bead you threaded on, back through the red cherry bead, and back into the cupcake. Secure the thread end.
  20. Find your desired magnet and glue it on!

See here if you don’t understand any of these techniques/abbreviations.

PM me if you have any other questions! I hope you enjoy! :)

You can see my Craftsy page for them here.

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June 21 2011
June 24 2011
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