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November 2012
December 24 2012
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Infinity Scarves
Christmas gifts for family
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It’s been too long since I’ve finished a project. :( Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy. Here are my notes for each scarf.

These are going to be my Christmas presents to my sister this year. :) She’s very picky with clothes, so I hopes she likes them.

The striped one with the grey and berry-ish-color is just a simple P1, K into st below ribbed brioche scarf with kitchener stitch’ed ends. It has a sort of fibonacci-sequence action going on for the stripes. I think I cast on around 60 sts on size 9 needles with Madelinetosh Tosh Merino light.

The red one was the easiest of all-- It’s one size 13 needles with a bulky alpaca yarn, and on the RS it’s all knit, and on the backside it’s P1, K2. Also I figured out a way to make the kitchener stitch go along with the P1, K2 pattern so that it doesn’t just look like a knit row. If I get around to it, I’ll post notes.

The grey and white one was cast on in the round, and is just garter stitch with two colors-- only one row for each color. White ended up being my purl row color, and brown was always a knit row color. I based it off the Purl Bee’s Garter Gaiter. I really wish I could keep it for myself! D:

I may or may not post the patterns.

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November 2012
December 24 2012
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