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October 28 2011
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Needles & yarn

To make up for my lack of a blog.

  • 10/28: photo of a flower I made for my mom for Mother’s day

  • 10/28: an Eeyore cell phone case

  • 10/28: an armadillo drawing from Jimmy Beans Wool (highly recommend buying from them-- I put in the “special instructions” box to please draw an armadillo on the box. Totally didn’t think they’d do it. So next time you order something from anywhere, ask them to draw a rhinoceros or a hippopotamus or a proboscis monkey or something to see how good their customer service really is ;) )

  • 10/28: A photo I took at an alpaca festival with my new camera-- I really like it :)

  • 10/28: Animals that my kids’ knitting class students make! Don’t you just love their jellyfish, penguins and sheep? Squee!!

  • 10/28: Sheep are cute when they make noises :) This was taken at the Estes Park Wool Festival.

  • 11/11: What I do with my yarn scraps! P.S. Happy Veterans’ Day!

  • 11/13: The elephant stuffie I made for my friend Madeline (happy 16th!) :) Sort of a blurry photo… But I have the pattern written (still need to type it) if it’s wanted!

  • 1/23: goat (sheep?) horns at the Estes park wool festival

  • 1/23: yarn at the estes park wool festival :)

  • 2/3: My Monkeys pattern is now available on! :)

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October 28 2011
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  • Project created: October 28, 2011
  • Finished: October 28, 2011
  • Updated: July 27, 2012