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July 1 2010
April 13 2014
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Stained Glass
Stained Glass Afghan (Knit) by Susan Levin
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm

4-13-14: IT’S DONE. I don’t think I believe it. nearly 4 years after beginning it, and now the last ends have been woven in (well, sort of..)..

Finally finishing this blanket has given me closure. Not only is it the only finished knitting project I’ve had in the last couple years, it’s been a WIP since my freshman year of high school. Now, as a graduating senior, this blanket is more than just a blanket; it’s a bit of a chronicle.

I remember bringing my needles and purple wool to 9th grade biology class, thinking that if I just knit a few more diamonds the blanket would be almost done. Then sophomore year came and went, the blanket a bit bigger but still not finished. A couple times I almost pulled all-nighters thinking I could have it finished before the holiday the next day (Christmas, 4th of July, Groundhog day, you know..). A little bit of procrastination every now and then (okay, most of the time). But only after endless hours and days of effort did something beautiful come out, a finished product just waiting to be used and loved. As I pulled the tapestry needle away, the last end woven in, it felt like the end of an era.

I’ve kept this blanket hidden away from my family so that I could surprise them with it once it was finally finished. I almost thought the day would never come. Then, yesterday when every diamond was in place and every last bit was sewn in, I wrapped it up in preparation for my mother’s birthday. We ate dinner, and cake, and then I had my mother open it. I’m not sure if you can see the look on her face but she was quite content with her birthday this year:)

I haven’t knitted much these past couple years, and I don’t see myself knitting much in the near future… that might sound disappointing, but quite simply, my interests have changed. Where I once enjoyed sitting for hours on end as my hands changed yarn into fabric, I now fantasize about getting out of the house at every opportunity; adventuring in the mountains, learning foreign languages, meeting new people and making friends, knowing new places and having new experiences. I’m sure someday I’ll be drawn back to knitting. I’m sure this is just a hiatus. Maybe a project I start tomorrow will become my next 4-year chronicle.

Until then, fair winds.

4-13-13: I am so close to being done!! Looking at all the ends to weave in, though, I’m thinking I might just cop out and cover the back with fabric. I don’t know. But wow, has it really been over a year since I’ve updated this page..?

Also, I have managed to keep this project secret since 2010. None of my family knows about it. How should I surprise them..?

12-23-11: 60 diamonds done! :) And I think I’m going to arrange them in a different manner than the pattern says to do.

1-15-11: 22 diamonds done! Phew this is taking forever.. but it’s a great stash buster!

I havent done the side triangles or the middle squares yet… And I’m not going to sew anything together until I’ve knit all of the diamonds.

7-8-10: 9 diamonds completed.

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July 1 2010
April 13 2014
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