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May 8 2012
May 30 2012
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Snowflakes in May
Boreal by Kate Davies
2 - 39 with size 3 sleeves
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
1,320 yards = 5.5 skeins
madelinetosh Erin Heritage Wool Series
1.7 skeins = 408.0 yards (373.1 meters), 197 grams
madelinetosh Erin Heritage Wool Series
96 yards in stash
3.8 skeins = 912.0 yards (833.9 meters), 440 grams

next time I’d like to try the original pullover. Make the sleeves wider and the neckline smaller

Update - I wear this all the time. After finding that I never wore it unbuttoned, I sewed the buttonband shut at the top and leave the bottom 5 buttons undone usually, unless it is cold. My buttonband doesn’t gape or pull and the sweater just goes over my head.

Knitting top-down with a steek.

Cast on 78 stitches in MC. Knit 1 row in CC to avoid purl bumps, then P2, K2 rib in CC (step 12 of pattern), so that there are 2 knit stitches at either side of the front. Should probably have had 1 purl stitch, then 2 knit thinking ahead to picking up buttonband stitches.

C/O 4 stitches for steek - 2 purl flanking 2 knit. Step 11 - short rows: K1 round, then short row shaping. Knit 48, w&t, purl 18, w&t, knit 20, w&t, purl 22, w&t, knit to end of round. Increased 1 more stitch beside each side of the steek to end up with the 80 of the pattern.

Step 10 - yoke increases: k1, m1, k1 - repeat. 120 stitches. Knit 4 rounds. k2, m1, k1 - repeat. 160 stitches. Knit 3 rounds. Then - the chart!!!

Starting with 160 stitches on Row 64 of the chart. 8 repeats, with the front split with the steek in between. 3 repeats for the back, and 1 for each “sleeve”. Placed markers at the start of each repeat.

Must duplicate the center stitch of the pattern, which is stitch 15 of the chart, so I added a stitch to the right front on the first round. After Row 64 of chart, 12 stitches on left front, 7 repeats of 22 stitches each, then 11 stitches on right front, with the steek following. The pattern starts on stitch 15, and ends on stitch 15.

First part of chart - Silver Fox is the dominant, so will hold in my left hand, with the Duchess in the right (I’m a right-handed knitter). SF should be under D.

Switched to 5 mm needle after the first 12 rows, as the fabric was pretty dense. Also catching my floats less frequently now.

Row 43 - start the separate sleeve chart instead of the same repeat for the sleeve. Increase 1 stitch each side of sleeve this row, and following rows, according to chart. Also adding snowflakes according to sleeve chart where none are in front and back repeats.

Row 35 - last row before placing underarm stitches on waste yarn and separating sleeves and body. C/O 8 stitches under each arm. Long float, but will have to just catch then when seaming the underarms. No grafting as per pattern, as no live stitches to leave on waste yarn.

Finished chart! (except for rest of sleeves). Switched back to 4.5 mm needles. 1st skein of Silver Fox lasted until 2 rows past the chart.

Following Pumpkin73’s instructions for vertical pockets, starting 11 rows after end of chart. These are her instructions, as I used them. I have 78 stitches on front and back, plus 4 stitches under each arm at this point.

Starting from the right side (even though my round isn’t quite finished, as it ends in the middle, at the steek),
k 10, Kfb 3 times, knit 52 (with steek stitches in the middle), Kfb 3 times, turn work and leave the remaining sts on the right needle.

Row 1 (WS of the pocket front): (slip1 to the right needle, slip1 to a stitch holder) repeat from ( ) 2 more times and place a marker to the right needle, slip the 3 sts from the stitch holder back to the left needle and purl 55, (slip1 to the right needle, slip1 to a stitch holder), repeat from ( ) 2 more times, slip 3 sts from the right needle to the left needle, place a marker to the left needle, slip the 3 sts from the stitch holder back to the left needle and purl these 3 sts, turn work and leave the remaining sts on the right needle. From now work only the sts between the markers.

Row 2 (RS): K to 2 sts before marker, slip 2 knitwise, turn
Row 3 (WS): P to 2 sts before marker, slip 2 purlwise, turn
The 2 slipped sts on the edges will form I-cord-like edgings, no additional edgings are necessary.

Repeat Row 2 and 3 for 32 rows total, ending with WS row. Break yarn and leave sts on a spare needle.

For pocket liners and back, pick up 20 purl bumps from the inside top of the first pocket flap row, where you already have 3 stitches to start, from the Kfbs, so 23 stitches behind the pocket flap. Pockets done - I’m thinking that going all the way to the steek (buttonband edge) might have been a better idea, instead of stopping 6 stitches in, as I will have a vertical line where the pocket is joined. Next time I do pockets I will consider this.

Started ball 3 of Silver Fox after the pockets were done.

Rib - ended up with 172 stitches, and did P1, then K2, P2 ending with P1, for ease of picking up the button band. did not do the contrast Duchess bit at the end, as I am planning to do the button band in Silver Fox.

Sleeves - did size 3 and only the first increase, as there wasn’t any need to do the rest during the colourwork. Once I switched down to the 4.5 mm needles and the Silver Fox, I started doing the decreases I hadn’t done. First one was after 10 rows, then every 6 rows, down to 40 stitches. After 16 inches from underarm, started 2x2 rib.

Sewed the steek from the right side in the ditch made by the purl stitches. 1 time basted, and another time with tighter stitches. Cut. No biggie. Steek virgin no more.

Started skein 4 for buttonbands and second sleeve. One buttonband picked up and finished in 2x2 rib. 3 out of every 4 rows. I’m not going to do a facing - yet. Wait to see how this wool felts. Did 3-stitch buttonholes, as the 2-stitch were just too tight for my 7/8 inch buttons.

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May 8 2012
May 30 2012
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