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March 29 2011
April 11 2011
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scrappy stripey elbow-length mitts
to fit a 15 month baby
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
US 3 - 3.25 mm

My baby keeps pulling off her mittens. And when we are out in the stroller her little hands get so cold! My solution is elbow length mittens worn under her coat. Hopefully this works and her hands will stay toasty.

This pattern is based on basic glove/mitten patterns that are out there but sized down to fit tiny hands. The mitts come up just past leftie’s elbows.

I wanted to use up the leftover yarn from my solid turn-a-square hat but found that I was a little short to make mittens as long as I wanted them to be. So I added the paton’s brown and barberpole striped the puppy (I don’t mean for all my projects to be barberpole striped :) with a nice cuff of only the lighter colored yarn. It took me way too long to arrive at this solution with lots of knitting and reknitting of the first mitten. Whew!

I was using a bit of orange waste yarn to hold the stitches for the thumb and I liked the way the colors looked. I’m thinking of adding some fun decorative detail in that orange. Maybe a ruffle around the wrists? Embroider a graphic motif on the back of the hands? This is still a work in progress and photos to come soon.

Finished! Once I figured out how to use up my yarn this went quickly. Putting elbow length mittens on a one year old can be challenging. I turn them inside out and stick my hand inside the mitten. I grab hold of leftie’s fingers and then slide the mitten off of my hand onto hers. They end up on the right side when they are on her hand.

PS. The thumb is purely decorative because even though I can maneuver her thumb into the thumb of the mitten, I doubt it will stay put.

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March 29 2011
April 11 2011
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