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Boston Strong Ribbon Keyhole Scarf
Boylston Street, Boston, MA
Hooks & yarn
6.0 mm (J)

Made in honor of Marc Fucarile & friends.

My second annual Boylston St. yarn bomb. See last year’s yarn bomb which is still there.

Inspired by the Boston Strong Scarf. I wanted it to have points like a ribbon cut on the diagonal.

Pattern will be posted soon.

Hook: Boye

4/16/14: Oops, “No Parking” sign had been removed and scarf had fallen to the bottom of the pole. I tied it to some hearts. Hope it stays up. A nice guy on a skateboard asked if he could take my picture when I was working on that and he thanked me for putting it up and wished me a Happy Monday then skated off.

If you are moved by this scarf, please consider making a donation to Marc Fucarile’s recovery fund or the Stoneham Marathon Victims Fund. Thank you!

Please leave a comment if you spot the scarf in the news! & Mashable show a tribute someone added to my scarf
NPR: third photo
USA Today: scroll down a lot or search for the word knitted
International Business Times

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April 12 2014
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