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a warm vest
May 21 2014
May 29 2014
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a warm vest
lullaby knits book
my granny trousseau
Needles & yarn
malabrigo rios
Worsted (9 wpi)
1 skein
128 fresco y seco
Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation, Washington

Cast on yesterday, after quite a few rocky starts I am on my way! I am in two minds, stick with the size 12-18 months, just as it is written or make it longer into a little frock. I always do this, I need to stay on track as only one ball of yarn and then afterwards go back and make another as a little knitted frock with 2 balls of yarn in my hand.

May 23rd. I am hopeful today the first side of this knitty vest will come off the needles. Alas I had no trouble with the decreasing but I struggled with the stitch pattern and making the count work once I had decreased, after numerous tricky dicky ripping backs, a lovely yarny buddy suggested I put in a lifeline and once I had my safety net, I never needed to rip back again, of course!

May 24th, first side off the sticks, fretting my yarn ball will not surfice, going to take it into work today and weigh it, to put my mind at rest… Or not, as the case maybe!

May 26th, casting on second side with my constant canine companion. Already my mind is wandering, other projects call my name but I must stay strong and not waiver

May 28th, “please please little itty bitty ball of yarny goodness, have enough life left in you”

may 29th, oh happy happy day! the knitty gods smiled down on me and the itty bitty ball of yarn came through. finished stitching up this sweetie at knit circle last night at Tolt Yarn and Wool and now I am ready to go onto my next item for my granny trousseau :)

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May 21 2014
May 29 2014
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