Roly Poly Pill Bug
February 17, 2015
February 21, 2015

Roly Poly Pill Bug

Project info
Roly Poly Pill Bug by Joan Rowe
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Caron Simply Soft Solids
Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable
1 skein = 279.0 yards (255.1 meters), 100 grams

I’ve been stalking this little sucker since I first laid eyes upon it. My SIL (whose native language is Spanish) calls these things Little Piggies. We always have heated debates over their true names-Rolly Polly bugs…or Pill bugs-which are the only two names I have ever called them. In Spanish, however, they are known as “puerquitos” which means little piggies. :)

I think they are the only bug my SIL will touch. She’s weird. I took her to a beach once and screamed like a lunatic when she realized there were fish in the water….that would nibble on her toes. I never invited her again. :)

Instead of W&T I am doing German short rows. This has only been an issue when working on the under body when I got to the head portion-so during that one section I did use W&T but other than that all German short rows (which I prefer).

2-17-15: I’ve gotten through the 8th rib. I love it so far. I NEEDED to have something as a break between this shawl I’m designing. My poor little brain was getting fried. This is the perfect fun little project-that I can just read and do. :)

2-18-15: At dd’s karate I got quite a bit done, I’m about halfway done with his little shell. I am loving how this yarn looks for this guy. I’ve found myself stressing though….What yarn to use for his head, legs and antennae! I was going to use the same yarn for it all…but now I’m thinking no…something else….decisions decisions!

Ok, so I’ve sewn down the facing and have decided on grey for the head and legs…I think it will go nice with the pinks and purples…Now Ravelry, you give me the choice ‘gray’ and not ‘grey.’ I’m a Grey girl, and for the record, I’ve chosen GREY not GRAY. ;)

2-20-15: Didn’t get as much done at kobudo last night as sensei didn’t show up. He forgot! DOH! He works in a school and we all had snow days…guess he just chilled out a bit too much! He was very apologetic AT MIDNIGHT when he texted me! haha! I did get the head mostly done though, I love how it turned out. ♥ this guy!

Tonight, at dd’s tumbling class I had a disturbing experience. There was a woman there with a small child (guessing 14 months). The kid had poop in his pants and he wouldn’t stop making that horrific whining sound. Mom’s know it…it’s not quite a full out cry, it’s just that sound kids make when they are uncomfortable or annoyed or want attention. It’s the sound that makes me lose my mind. You would think the mother would change his pants. No. Rather, she let the kid moan and whine all while toddling all over the waiting room. The kid stunk, his whining digging into my brain…and then he came to my knitting bag where he proceeded to start ripping crap out of it. I could have stopped him. But by this time, I was intrigued to see how far this would go. Would he impale himself on the giant sharp needles sticking out? Would he cut the dirty diaper right from his own body with my scissors that I have easily accessible? No…he just was interested in moving the markers from my pattern and throwing them on the floor. I pretended like I wasn’t noticing…FINALLY the mother came over and started putting my stuff back in the bag and mumbled a very lame apology. When the girls got out of the tumbling class the crappy mother told her daughter that the daughter had to run to the car to get the diaper bag. So, basically, we all had to listen to this bologna, smell the poo and lose our minds because this mother was one lazy mother who didn’t want to walk to her car and get the diaper bag.

No worries though, I am a knitting ninja and managed to get four legs done through the poopy whiny fog. ;)

All complete. I finished him today as I waited for dd to finish her band competition. I love him love him! Joansgarden did it again, with another amazing pattern. this one gets a dbird’s emphatic two talons up!

Third photo-you can see my pheasant in the background. ha!

the random photo at the bottom is for knitalot942…completely irrelevant in this project.


Katie has claimed him…my little neighbor friend…She loves him! :)

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February 17, 2015
February 21, 2015
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