Hooded Jacket
March 26, 2014
April 3, 2014

Hooded Jacket

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Topaz Hooded Jacket by Woman's Day
Coat / Jacket
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LOVE version though

March 28 I am not using the motif in the pattern, however the african granny I totally modified and used a g hook for does come out to the 5.5 inch dimension as in the pattern, so same difference. I’m using the joining method…maybe…I made my own pattern for the motif and am trying how on earth to join them…..I’ve got 9 motifs done so far. :)

For those that want an african granny square this one is close to what I did: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/african-flower-wi...
my variations:
color A-red heart monet color b-black
1. I used a ch 4 instead of a magic ring
1 color A
2-color B
3-4 color A
5-6 color B

Leave off round 7 (this was to get me to my 5.5” dimensions using a g hook-in hindsight, I should have done round 7 because I think it would have helped the squares to lay flatter-they came out ok after blocking but it was really annoying).

March 29: So far I have the two fronts done-I am going to remove a row from what it says I need in the back.. I just don’t want it to be super huge. I think I will only use two rows for sleeves as well and just add a few rows of dc….

March 31: I have the back half way done, I am back to thinking I will keep it four rows-I’m so undecided. I’ve got it all whip stitched together but not tied off yet because I may need to undo a lot of this because I can’t decide if I want it more fitted or not!! AAAHHH!

later the same day: I finally decided to go with three squares across the back. I put the right and left front pieces so each hung a half a square over the edge and then sewed those overhanging corners to the back, which gave it a decent looking shoulder without making me have to be swimming in this thing. I just want this thing done already, I am getting sick of it. Now to do the stupid sleeves. I didn’t join the sides all the way down-I left a motif and a half unjoined so I can either add some inserts to make it more shapely or just leave it open.

April 1: This is no joke: I have to complete the sleeves hood and edging and I am done. Oh please let today be the day I finish this blasted thing.

April 2: Yesterday I was able to get the sleeves done-I used two rows of 3 motifs for the sleeves-I then used some extra black to stitch along one edge so that it was a little wider (a full motif more would have been insanely huge for a sleeve)- Starting at the top of the sleeve I put 1 dc in each stitch, that brings us to the bottom, I sc across the 1st motif, hdc across the second, then dc in the rest. Third row I put a dc in each dc, hdc in each hdc and sc in each sc. That gave it a little less wide look at the bottom. I also was able to make a nice triangle insert for the bottom sides so that I could add another motif on either side to make the jacket more curvy instead of straight down. I am getting excited watching it come together, I was worried that these modifications wouldn’t work and all this would be for naught.

Later the same day: I finished the inserts and the HOOD! :) I had to add some extra motifs though, as 3x2 was not enough I did 4x2 instead and then added 4 rows of dc across the bottom edge to make it a little higher.

4-3: And I am DONE!!! I did 3 rows of sc around entire outer edge and also the sleeves. I used a ch 3, skip two sc and sc in the next for the first round in the center of each motif for the button holes…second round used 4 sc in each ch 3 space….LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! I still have to wash it and stretch it, can’t wait for that part to be done…for now the photos up are prior to that stage. I’ll post more pics of the final final once it is dried. :)

4-6-14: The first pic is after the marathon blocking session. Involving many towels, a comforter, strategic placement next to the heater vent, stomp fests and more towels it took 2.5 days to dry. Good lord.

Buttons: I added one extra button way off to the side so I could close it tightly for a form fitted look as well as having the buttons down the front. LOVE it. hearts

Yarn: I used four skeins of the red heart love-black and 4.5 skeins the red heart monet

Update: I wore this to a family function not too long ago and my mom stole it. She wore it all day long and was harassed by tons of people asking where she got it. Honestly, I got sick of people telling me how awesome I am. I stole it back and told her she is never allowed to wear it again because she had the audacity to smoke in it and now it stinks. haha!


I added a few more photos after I had a question posed to me by someone on facebook. It was so long ago that I made this jacket-I dont’ remember much else of what I did, but these new photos should help show how stuff is put together a little better than the other ones. :)

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March 26, 2014
April 3, 2014
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