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July 12 2016
July 29 2016
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Dragonfruit Shawl by Knot Theorist Designs
Hooks & yarn
3.75 mm (F)
Jazz Handz Fusion Fiber
none left in stash
1 skein = 480.0 yards (438.9 meters), 100 grams
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I let the color transitions dictate how I made the shawl.

The colors of the yarn were:
black/white variegated

Started as directed by the pattern, but did not have enough solid red to make it to row 24. So, I stopped Section 1 just before the first color change.

I did Section 2 until the red color ran out.
I did section three until I ran out of black/white variegated.

And it wasn’t until about this point that I realized that I had poached some of the solid black color for another shawl. So, I didn’t have much solid black, and I realized I didn’t have enough for the border. I just made up my own border.

I basically did a 4-treble crochet cluster in the stitch above the sc in the row before slip stitches. Then I chained 4, slip stitch at the top of the chain-5 space, chain 4, and repeat.

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July 12 2016
July 29 2016
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by Jazz Handz
Light Fingering
100% Cotton
480 yards / 100 grams

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