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July 28 2013
November 29 2013
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Emelie by Elin Berglund
34" bust circumference / 86,5 cm bust circumference
Needles & yarn
Gotlands Spinneri, Finull
3.2 skeins = 1049.9 yards (960.0 meters), 320 grams
Gotlands Spinneri in Fardhem, Gotlands län

A fun little cardigan that turned out to be not so little… Emelie is a fun pattern (even though I never mastered the lace…)

Knitting process:
2013-07-28 Starting my Emelie
2013-08-01 Frogging 10 cm because left lace panel isn’t correct. I’m follow the diagram correct but can’t make it work!
2013-08-01 – 2013-08-08 Test knitting lace panel, a lot of tears and curse words. Left panel doesn’t work for me.
2013-08-10 I’m deciding to go for an easy cable and continues knitting.
2013-08-18 Decrease and increase on body finished. Had decided to make my Emelie in 33 cm length but when testing it’s too short. I’m going for a 38 cm length Emelie.
2013-09-03 Upper body finished.
2013-09-15 A 38 cm long Emelie turned out to be 42 cm long instead to get the fitting right.
2013-09-12 First arm turned out to be a little to tight. I’m not happy with the result and put Emelie in my Area 51 for a couple of weeks.
2013-10-09 I make the second arm one size bigger and it turns out perfect.
2013-10-10 I’m frogging the first arm and start this on same size as arm two.
2013-10-17 First button band done! But then I lack motivation and Emelie gets another couple of weeks in Area 51.
2013-11-28 Second button band done!
2013-11-29 Waved in all ends!

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July 28 2013
November 29 2013
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