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Marmalade Citron
April 15 2014
July 12 2014
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Marmalade Citron
Citron by Hilary Smith Callis
Needles & yarn
Elliebelly Elliebelly Moth & Goat
740 yards in stash

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June 7: I’ve made slower progress on this than I intended to, because of, well, life, but I’m enjoying it every bit as much as I thought I would. This turns out to be the perfect yarn for this pattern. It’s knitting up all sunny, and it’s light and airy, but you can tell it will be just warm enough around your neck. This pattern is really brilliant.

Notes for doing seven sections:

6th section:
R1: 540sts
R9:K3,SLM,M1,(K12,M1)x7,(K11,M1)x9,(K12,M1)x7,SLM,K3 297sts
R19:K3,SLM,M1,(K13,M1)x7,(K12,M1)x8,(K13,M1)x8,SLM,K3 321sts
7th section:
R1: 636 sts
R7: 321 sts
R9:K3,SLM,M1,(K14,M1)x8,(K13,M1)x7,(K14,M1)x8,SLM,K3 345 sts
R19:K3,SLM,M1,(K15,M1)x8,(K14,M1)x6,(K15,M1)x9,SLM,K3 369sts

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April 15 2014
July 12 2014
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65% Cashmere goat, 35% Silk
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