A Capelet for keeping Warm
November 23, 2014
January 4, 2015

A Capelet for keeping Warm

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Lace and Cables Capelet by Norah Gaughan
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November 15, 2014

11-23-14: Swatched on size 11 needles. I got 10 st./inch instead of 12, but my row gauge was dead on at 16. Since others have said this was a tight fit, I’m considering going with it.

1-1-15: I’m finished, but had problems with blocking. Essentially, it grew. A lot. Especially the collar. Blogged here with solutions. I adore both the pattern and the yarn, and think this one is very worth the effort.

1-4-15: I resolved the problem by ripping back the collar and reknitting it shorter on smaller needles. With less bulk, I had less pull on the body of the cape, and I was able to reblock it a bit smaller. It looks lovely now. I adore this pattern and don’t really understand how other knitters ended up with significantly too small finished objects. That was not a problem for me.

Don’t be deterred from knitting this by how long it took me. I had a lot of other knitting in progress at the same time. This is a QUICK knit and you could easily put it together over a weekend of binge watching tv :)
Based on the advice from other knitters, I’m planning to knit a size small but add additional lace

Helpful notes from others for the body:

A- When the pattern says ” knit one round decreasing 13(20)sts evenly around,” it means knit every 6th and 7th st together.

B- Not a modification but when it came time to pick up the 133 sts for the top portion, I placed six pins on the upper edge of the cable band, evenly spaced, starting with the grafted side. That way I knew that I had to pick up 22 sts between each pin plus one more stitch for a total of 133 sts.

C - The Small/Medium fits my 80 pound 10 year old daughter perfectly. It is way too short for me (and I’m 5’4”). Next time, I would add another repeat of the middle section of the pattern. Unblocked, mine turned out to be 47” around and 13” from the edge of the folded collar to the bottom. (Another knitter wrote: Aug/30 - finished! Made it longer by repeating each section of the lace pattern 3 times.)

D - There is a mistake in the pattern. Row 26 is missing the yarn overs. There should be a yo before the ssk and after the k2tog. (I chatted online with the Jimmy Beans experts and that is what we decided). In other words, Row 26 should be a repeat of Row 20 but without the k1s.

Wrote out the pattern for the border by row:

I’m going to use a provisional crochet cast on

1 WS - P4, k2, p6, k1, P1b, k1, p6, k2, p2, k2, p4

2 (RS) - K4, p2, k2tog, yo, p2, k6, p1, K1B, p1, k6, p2, k4

3 - P4, k2, p6, k1, P1b, k1, p6, k2, p2, k2, p4

4 - K4, p2, k2tog, yo, p2, k6, p1, K1B, p1, k6, p2, k4

5 - P4, k2, p6, k1, P1b, k1, p6, k2, p2, k2, p4

6 - K4, p2, k2tog, yo, p2, C3R, p1, K1B, p1, C3L, p2, k4

7- P4, k2, p6, k1, P1b, k1, p6, k2, p2, k2, p4

8 - K4, p2, k2tog, yo, p2, k6, p1, K1B, p1, k6, p2, k4

repeat rows 1-8 for pattern until piece measure 47”

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November 23, 2014
January 4, 2015
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