Garish Slip-Up Socks
April 25, 2016
May 26, 2016

Garish Slip-Up Socks

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Classy Slip-Up Socks by Betsy Lee McCarthy
Feet / LegsSocksMid-calf
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Mystery Yellow Sock Yarn
none left in stash
1 skein = 400.0 yards (365.8 meters)

I started making but the pattern really didn’t work with this yarn! So I ripped back to the cuff and went forward with this pattern instead. The Lace Wings is 64 stitches vs 68 for this pattern, but since my standard sock size is 64st, I think it’ll work out.

Cuffs are ktbl1/p1 instead of k1/p1, again per the other pattern.

Am making these one at a time since I don’t want to rewind this yarn.

May 11, 2016

Finished sock #1 (I love that it has a bright green toe!)

May 17, 2016

OMG, forgot my phone today, which has the pattern on it, and it’s been just long enough since I last made socks that I forgot that heel-turning comes before picking up stitches for the gusset. Luckily, it’s very very very obvious what’s wrong as soon as the stitches are picked up!

Which is also to say that I’m already done with the heel flap for the 2nd sock.

Took a break & did the heel turn & pickup: all ready to go with the gusset….

December 21, 2016

Six-month review: these are now one of my favorite pairs of socks. I thought they would just be sleep socks (because garish yellow) but they’re so warm & comfy that I’ve been wearing them all the time!

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April 25, 2016
May 26, 2016
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