purple and black rule 110 scarf
February 6, 2014
February 12, 2014

purple and black rule 110 scarf

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Machine Knitting
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brother kh930 - hacked
brother double bed kr850
Hamburger Wollfabrik Merino extrafein (3 fädig/3ply)
Hamburger Wollfabrik Merino extrafein 5 fädig /5 ply

related to the black and white rule 110 scarf, but with a unique seed row and thus a different pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/fbz/rule-110-scarf

a scarf from rule 110, the turing complete rule. in width 61, 816 rows long. processing sketch for this exact image output:


in that processing code, tweak the width and seed row pixels to generate your own unique scarf.

A script I wrote in Scheme for Script Fu in Gimp to batch convert a folder of images from tiff to indexed two-color bitmap for the knitting machine is here:


knit bottom up (top generated row last) so the points of the triangles are the points of knit stitches :) total weight of yarn in the scarf (both colors): 253 grams.

knit with double bed jacquard (one smart side, one dumb side). tension 2.. (2 dot dot) on both beds. cast on 31L, 32R on main bed, 31L, 31R on double bed. knit on my hacked kh930. read moar about it here: http://fabienne.us/category/knit/knitting-machine/

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February 6, 2014
February 12, 2014
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by Hamburger Wollfabrik
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by Hamburger Wollfabrik
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  • Finished: February 14, 2014
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