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July 27 2012
August 5 2012
Project info
Knitting, saga - Brynja
Brynja by Hélène Magnússon
1X long
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
1,035 yards = 9.5 skeins
Ístex Léttlopi
8.2 skeins = 893.8 yards (817.3 meters), 410 grams
Carreg Yarns
July 23, 2012
Ístex Léttlopi
1.3 skeins = 141.7 yards (129.6 meters), 65 grams
Carreg Yarns
July 23, 2012


New techniques used:

  • Steeking - Kate Davies’ crochet sandwiches;
  • Two-at-a-time sleeves;
  • Short rows using yarn-overs;
  • Cast off with ssk.

5 August This is taking a really long time to dry. I blame the weather. It’s as damp inside as outside. Oh the Great British Summer. But it will be worth it. I love it already. Only the snaps to sew on.

4 August Both steek sandwiches knitted and finished, left (button) side purple, right side green on the outside purple on the inside. Ends darned in. Now soaking in the bath.

2 August I steeked!

1 August Off the needles! But with only 40cms to spare of the eighth ball of green. Thank goodness I ordered the entire available stock - nine. Ended up with fewer than expected stitches after neck decreases but can still pull it on over my head. Widthways the fit is perfect but it’s just a bit too long. Should have made the short version. Today I shall darn in ends and further study Kate Davies’ crochet steeking tutorial. Before, you know, actually doing it.

31 July Where has the yarn-over short row been all my life? I love it. Finished and attached the sleeves. Worked the yoke. The problem is it’s invisible. The difference between the two colours is so slight the pattern is only visible in really strong light. Ah well. Subtle. Understated. Sub-fusk. That’s me.

29 July Have reached the set-aside-to-knit-sleeves stage amazingly quickly. Am going to knit them at the same time on two circular needles - a new technique to learn but I hope one which will prevent second sleeve sloth.

There has been a fly in the ointment, however. One of the balls of yarn had been pretty comprehensively chomped by a clothes moth. I didn’t notice until I’d knitted half of it since the chomping was under the label and I always pull from the centre. I can only assume it happened before it got to me (it arrived about 5 days ago). Fortunately all the others appear un-nibbled.


27 July (am) This is the great advantage of really thinking about a project rather than just leaping in. It occurred to me that if I just use a provisional cast on I can fold and knit up the picot edge seam as I go along thus further reducing the amount of the dreaded sewing.

24 July Swatched on 5mm dpns. Gauge spot on. Planning tubular cast on using crochet chain to start, on 5mm needle so edging seam isn’t too tight.

23 July 2012 Yarn arrived soooo quickly! On offer, my favourite colours. This tipped me over from “maybe” to “definitely”! I shall swatch.

Meanwhile have decided on a crochet steek. Given that I hate sewing and won’t have access to a sewing machine when that stage is reached (if all goes to plan) the slight increase in bulk will I think be worth it.

The challenge to myself - to steek. Eeek. No, steek. Also to get the project through airport security in a hand-luggage only flight to Italy in the middle of the knitting period. And to knit wool in 40 degree heat. Hmmm.

The bottom picture is Hélène modelling Brynja before the pattern had even been published, back in September 2010. It was so striking I asked to take a picture of it and have been in love ever since.

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July 27 2012
August 5 2012
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