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February 1 2017
April 1 2017
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Blue Dahlia
Blue Dahlia by Andrea Jurgrau
Needles & yarn

Yarn is knitpicks lace weight of some sort; I can’t quite remember the color, but it’s a steely grey.

Once I got the hang of the pattern, I daresay I enjoyed it; I ran into a snag and panicked, but rejoiced when I realized there is some errata, and it was not, actually, my fault:

Page 81: Blue Dahlia Chart B, Row 49, 21 stitches from right edge of the chart, (beginning at the red border) should be yarn-over and not knit (so between the two decreases like so: /0\ . 25 stitches from the left edge of the chart should also be yarn-over and not knit.

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February 1 2017
April 1 2017
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