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Christmas Eve socks

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December 24 2016
January 4 2017
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Christmas Eve socks
Mercury Socks by Kim Drotar
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
The House of Wool - Merino/Nylon/Stellina
144 yards in stash
0.67 skeins = 293.1 yards (268.0 meters), 67 grams
Wallaby / Moss / Quarry
The House of Wool in Blackheath, New South Wales

My Christmas Eve cast on.

First time knitting with sparkle yarn.

Cast on 60st version after reading other people’s comments about sizing. It seems to be knitting up at a good width for my ankle.

I decided to attempt by first afterthought heel to retain the striping effect from the variegated yarn.

1 January - Both socks are done except for the heels. I did 12 pattern reps on the leg and on the foot and have used 59g of yarn so far.

Afterthought spiral heel
Pick up the stitches either side of waste yarn. Start heel knitting from the middle of the sole picking up and knitting one extra stitch per needle at the corners.

Then knit 9 rounds.

K9 k2tog k9 k2tog k19 k2tog k9 k2tog k10
K round
(K8 k2tog) repeat for the round
K round
(K7 k2tog) repeat for the round
K round
Continue in this way until:
(K2 k2tog) repeat for the round
(K k2tog) repeat for the round
(K2tog) repeat for the round
6 stitches remain - weave tail through those and weave in end.

Finished sock weight: 67g so my two heels used around 8g of yarn.

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December 24 2016
January 4 2017
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