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September 1 2016
January 10 2017
Project info
Taskutakki by Veera Välimäki
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Miss Click Clack Nightman's Highway Merino
3.9 skeins = 1384.5 yards (1266.0 meters), 390 grams

I loooove this cardigan. The yarn’s colour is perfect, it’s warm and squishy, and this cardigan will be getting a lot of wear.

I’m aiming to write a blog post about it soon but in the mean time some notes below.

On 3.5mm:
Unblocked: 25s x 32r
Blocked: 22s x 32r (I was aiming for 20s x 30r)

I started with:
Skein 1: 102g
Skein 2: 105g
Skein 3: 104g
Skein 4: ? I think it was 104g

I alternated skeins along the front panels but then it got a bit tricky due the construction so I just knit a few rows with each skein as I changed them over. There were no issues at all with the beautiful yarn - I can’t tell where the skeins were changed in and out!

11 September - Cast on for the ribbing.

5 November - I’ve finished the front panels, about to join up the pockets, and I have 150g remaining from the first three skeins so I’ve used around 161g. I’m starting to worry about running out of yarn if the back uses more than 150g+ and then I have one skein left for the sleeves. Eek.

13 November - I’m using skein 3 as I split for the sleeves so I want to start the sleeves with skein 3 just in case for colour consistency (although I’m having no problems since I had to do the short row neck section with a single skein after alternating at the beginning of the project).

Due to my different gauge, other people’s project comments, and my calculations, I’ve cast on 6 st under each arm to make the sleeves a bit roomier.

31 December - I finished the body last night - it weighs in at 350g and I have 50g remaining so my sleeves might need to be shortened a bit.

12 January - I finished the cardigan. I was running low on yarn so I decided to end the sleeves above my elbows as using it all up may have left me with sleeves just past the elbows that may have curled. I therefore reduced the ribbing to be approximately a third of the length of the sleeve rather than as per the pattern.

Pattern thoughts
It is a bit fiddly and the Finnish book version I used left a bit of pondering about whether I was doing it right and I had to refer to the errata linked from the pattern page.

I ended up using two cables with a needle and a stopper on each so I could try the body on as it grew.

If I knit it again, I will do the initial front panel increases more frequently so that my front panels wouldn’t be as wide.

Otherwise I absolutely love it.

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September 1 2016
January 10 2017
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by Miss Click Clack
100% Merino
355 yards / 100 grams
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