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Omorika Lace Chart Hell
March 19 2017
October 30 2017
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Omorika Lace Chart Hell
Omorika by Kayla White
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud Fingering
80 yards in stash
1.6 skeins = 320.0 yards (292.6 meters), 80 grams
Knit Picks
December 29, 2016

First Shawl - this is my 3rd attempt at it. First time reading lace charts for shawls and it’s confusing to me. I have the first part down pat - hopefully will get it down pat once I get the gist and feel of the pattern - fingers crossed

If I can’t get this going I’m going to do the Ashton Shawlette as it has a tutorial for reading lace charts and is just as pretty as Omorika


Loving the yarn so far! Been ripped back 3 times and still all in like a trooper! Pleasantly surprised by the strength of this alpaca - oh and my first alpaca knit too

  • Chart A done
  • life line in

This is where it all went sideways on me the 2nd attempt


  • 2nd repeat Chart B done

This is going to be a gorgeous shawl and I’m super excited about it and keep saying - just one more row LOL even when my eyesight is all blurry


  • 3rd repeat done chart B - one more repeat to go
  • lifeline


I think I have to rip my shawl out and start again.

Every now and then I give it atug here and there to make sure nothing is going to come out - well just about every time I give it a tug it unravels a bit here and there - I’ve fixed it, but I do find that unraveling alarming. I would so hate if I got it done and missed one of those spots and then the bloody thing unraveled while blocking

So as painful as it is - total frogging is in it’s immediate future and then restarting it again.


  • frogged and restarted
  • lifeline inserted after Chart A - the linelifes are a pain - I will chance it and just put them after each chart section.
  • first repeat Chart B complete

I’ve discovered my basic issues is I don’t have lace needles. They would definitely help me with this pattern - if I’m going to continue to do lace / shawls - I will need to invest in some lace knitting needles.


And back at where I frogged my shawl the first time. One more repeat then Chart C

  • 3rd repeat Chart B


I lost a stitch again - I can’t find it nor can I fix it - I’ve tried. yes I’ve a lifeline in, but I had to cut it as it was entangled in one of my stitch markers

I will get this right! This shawl is sooo pretty and I want to make it - and I will!


Lifelines are a wonderful thing .. ripped back to 2nd repeat Chart B


Frogged and restarted with DPNs for the first 16 rows, then switched to addi lace needles - what a huge difference sharp pointy needle tips make :)


had a case of burn out and total non motivation. Pulled my knitting bag out and tried to figure out where I left off. Found it!! Yeah me


Finished Chart C!! The first part of the edging directions were simple enough,but it took me reading the second part a few times and looking at my work before I figured out how the edging worked out. I’m so happy that I’ve stuck with this and I’m very proud that I came back to this after letting it sit for so long!


Finally have it all knitted up and cast off. I had to take some liberties at the end as she didn’t quite finish the directions but said it would take knitting know how (?!?!) Just have the ends to weave in, then soak and block. Yay me!


Removed from blocking matts! I’m super pleased and happy with how it turned out! Definitely learning experience and I’m tickled pink that I finished it YAY ME

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March 19 2017
October 30 2017
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