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December 29 2011
December 30 2011
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Handspun Flicker Mitts
Tweedy Mittens by Melissa "Missa" Hills
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Hello Yarn Fiber
137.2 yards (125.5 meters), 108 grams
A gift from Yarn School
October 2011

I had every intention of following the pattern, but in the end I did some major modifications.

I kept all my notes this time. They’re really only useful to me and my hands.

But also:

  1. I did a jogless stripe.

  2. I made the left mitten a right, and the right a left. I didn't like the slightly wonky first stitch of every row and by switching sides, it gets hidden on the palm side. Maybe I’m wrong about this…

  3. I changed the number of stitches/length to fit my hands. I thought for sure I’d run out of yarn, but I didn’t!

  4. I changed the top decreases for a graftless, rounded top.

  5. I intentionally mismatched the stripes.

  6. Backwards loop cast on 2 additional stitches after the thumb stitches were placed on waste yarn. I always worry that there won’t be enough room/flexibilty in the thumb crotch.

I think that’s about it.

I’d like to introduce my new dog, Max. I wasn’t planning on getting another dog for a very long time, but there he was. :-D

Update: I am sad to say that exactly one month after I added this project, Max was gone. His life was short but his love was great.

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December 29 2011
December 30 2011
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