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Chinese Waves Washcloth

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April 5 2013
April 6 2013
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Chinese Waves Washcloth
Chinese Waves Dishcloth by Margaret Radcliffe
Needles & yarn
Knit Picks CotLin
0.33 skeins = 40.6 yards (37.1 meters), 16 grams

I’m running out of gel soap and I have a couple of mis-purchased bars of soap, so I’m making myself a washcloth so I can actually use them.

Most boring project motivation evar!

Realized we don’t have a towel rack of any sort in the shower, so instead of binding off the last three stitches I added a bit of i-cord onto them and sewed it into a loop. It can hang where my shower poof does now. Woo practical knitting!

Made another one. Woo.

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April 5 2013
April 6 2013
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by Knit Picks
70% Cotton, 30% Linen / Flax
123 yards / 50 grams
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  • Project created: April 6, 2013
  • Finished: April 6, 2013
  • Updated: April 11, 2013