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Baby Sophisticate
August 29 2010
September 2010
Project info
Baby Sophisticate
Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down
6-12 months
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
300 yards
Ombre blue yarn
none left in stash
3 skeins = 300.0 yards (274.3 meters)


Aug 29th 2010 - Yarn held double. Cast on 38 sts instead of the 34, to compensate for gauge and size.

Sept 1st 2010 - Frogged. I don’t think I have enough yarn to hold it double. I’m casting on again, trying for a size a tiny bit bigger.

End of Sept, 2010 - Finished. I threw it in the wash on a normal cycle, to see if it would hold up. And it did! It also fulled slightly, but I can’t see that the size changed much. It is beyond soft, and it evened out so well. Major success. And - it’s adorable!

Pattern changes:
Cast on higher number of stitches to compensate for the small size, and the smaller yarn. Increased every round as normal, worked out well. Instead of seaming the underarm, I picked up 4 stitches from the body as I started the sleeves, and then decreased 2tog on either side of the “side seam” twice. It essentially creates a little gusset, and eliminates the need to seam.

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August 29 2010
September 2010
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