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cabled hat
October 15 2011
November 30 2011
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cabled hat
Cabled Watch-cap by Kristen Orme
Needles & yarn

October 15th:
Using frogged yarn from a thrift-store sweater, co 142 to compensate for thinner yarn. Holding the frogged yarn 4x.

October 29th:
Added 4 purl stitches at the end of each repeat to make up for the extra stitches I cast on. Also, I knit the cable every 3rd row because the yarn is so thin. I made an error and forgot to cable the bigger cable at every 6th row, so now Iā€™m doing every 6th, every 9th, every 6th, and so on.

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October 15 2011
November 30 2011
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