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~ A Rainbow for your Birthday ~
Rainbow Dress by Georgie Nicolson
21" with extra length added
Needles & yarn
1,086 yards = 2 skeins
Gaia Worsted
none left in stash
1 skein = 543.0 yards (496.5 meters), 240 grams
Gradient Dyed - Rainbow
Crafty Desires
1 skein = 543.0 yards (496.5 meters), 240 grams
Gradient Dyed By Shannon

About time I cast on this gorgeous custom dyed yarn for my daughters 1st Rainbow Dress for her 4th birthday in Feb. She has a 21” chest so I’ll knit that size and add extra length.

All done! Until she tried it on I wished that I’d maybe removed a bit of the green at the start of the ball so that the dress wasn’t quite so top heavy with green. But I wouldn’t have had enough yarn looking at it now, and the green looks really pretty on Penny.

Knitting up a gradient is so much fun though…if a bit difficult to put down as i kept saying to myself ‘just till the next colour change’ and then continuing on because of the gradual colour changes.

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January 12 2011
January 17 2011
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