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Jaywalker Cardigan
August 22 2012
October 19 2012
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Jaywalker Cardigan
Maxfield Cardigan by Amy Christoffers
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight


Super, super excited for this cardigan. Fell in love at first sight and knew it would be perfect for my beloved STR. In fact, when I was swatching, I was suddenly hit by how ridiculously similar it is to the Jaywalker sock that started my love of STR. (Duh. Right?)

8/22/12 - Cast on for first sleeve. Cast on 54 stitches using a tubular cast on. Knitting the sleeves flat.

8/24/12 - First sleeve going well! I’m loving the pattern and the # of stitches seems good. I have modified the pattern by adding a chevron row on the first MC section instead of just knitting per LandShark’s awesome suggestion.

8/27/12 - Got all the way through the sleeve increases and measures and decided it was too small. Ripped the whole thing out and started again with 60 stitches. Bummed but I want this sweater to be PERFECT and so I’m willing to rip if I have to!

8/31/12 - Finished the first sleeve up to the underarm. Cast on 62 stitches. Started increases after 1.5 repeats. Did 10 increase rows; increased every 10th row. Overall did 7 full repeats.

Decided to cast on body next. Using a tubular cast on, I did 9 ribbing rows over 167 stitches.

9/3/12 - Had to rip back three repeats of the body because I realized that my version of the pattern had an error and stated that you should knit two rows of st st before starting chevrons when really it should have said 12. Ah well. At least I was able to measure the body and check my gauge. 167 stitches is definitely the right number. Getting 6.75 st/in as my gauge.

BTW, Amy got back to me super quick about the pattern.

9/9/12 - Finished body. Ended up doing two extra repeats which gave me 7 chevron sections. Also seamed the sleeve to figure out if it’s too long. Pretty sure it is.

9/21/12 - Finished second sleeve and joined the body and sleeves to do the yoke. I contacted Amy because the numbers in the sleeves don’t match up. I’m doing the 4th size and you end with 82 stitches. After I take out 19 stitches for the underarm I’m left with 63 but the pattern says to knit 61 when joining yoke. Amy said to keep the two stitches on the sleeves so I joined 63.

Now I need to adjust the raglan for my different row gauge.

Okay. Putting this here because I will be making another one of these.

Raglan shaping can be seen in two sections. For the first section: Increase rows 3x every 4th row, then 6x every other row. 2 set up rows, 2 rows even = 28 ROWS

Second section: Increase row 9x every 4th row, then 9x every other row = 54 ROWS

9/21/12 - Made some good progress on the yoke but ran out of yarn. More on the way!

10/4/12 - Got the rest of the yarn today and immediately started knitting. Finished the body!! Ended up binding off 75 because of the two extra sleeve stitches.

Will try to cast on the fronts tonight. Plan on doing both at the same time. Need this done for Rhinebeck. Feeling optimistic!

10/7/12 - Not feeling so optimistic anymore. Took me forever to decide things for the fronts - # of stitches, which yarn, etc. Started them at least five times. In the end I’m going with 65 stitches with a breakdown of 9-7-9. Should easily block to 9”. I have a ton of rows to get through though since I made the body longer and the raglan longer due to gauge. Thinking I have at least 15 extra repeats for each front. I really hope I can get this done.

10/12/12 - Finished 60 repeats on both fronts and seamed one side so I can figure out how many more repeats I need for back collar. Plan is to seam other side then finish knitting, graft, then finish seaming. Note - made it through 60 with original yarn.

10/15/12 - ended up with 68 full repeats on each side and then 3 pattern rows. Grafted fronts together and completed seaming. Picked up 427 stitches for front band. 1x1 ribbing for 6 rows. For rows 7 and 8 knit the knits slip the purls. Next separate knits and purls to graft for tubular cast off.

10/16/12 - Finished grafting.

10/17/12 - Ends done. Blocking.

10/19/12 - FINISHED!! It’s beautiful! Fits great. The only thing I might possibly change is to make the sleeves a tad shorter. Like a row or two.

This was a fantastic knit. I love the pattern, the yarn. If it wasn’t the rainiest day ever I would be wearing it all day long. I will be debuting it at Rhinebeck on Sunday!! YAY!!!!

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August 22 2012
October 19 2012
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