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Driftwood on the Georgia Coast
November 13 2011
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Driftwood on the Georgia Coast
Georgia by Jane Richmond
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Knit Picks Stroll Solids, Heathers & Twists
1386 yards in stash

11/13/11 - gauge is 7sts/in. Pattern calls for 6.5sts/in. Using size 4 needles pattern calls for. Decided to cast on for size 40 since gauge is slightly off. Hoping that it will finish around a size 37 or 38. Bust measures 37. I want a fitted look but don’t want the buttons pulling. Definitely think the size 36 finished would be too small, however, I’m definitely not a size 40 bust!!! Really hoping going up a size with smaller gauge results in a perfect fit. Read lots about gauge and sizing but I’m so confused!! Here goes nothing. Good thing this pattern is easy to try on as you go!

11/14/11 - completed the collar and am several rows into stockinette. I have got to be the slowest purler ever!! Thinking about making 3/4 length sleeves. Love Jane’s patterns. Easy enough for a beginner like me.

11/18/11 - Had 44 stitches before the first marker and ripped back to the knit collar! I didn’t like the way my stockinette stitches looked. After much googling, I figured out that I was knitting in the front of the stitch and purling in the back of the stitch. I was also doing something funny with my purl stitch. So a ripping it went. Maybe I will be happier now!

11/19/11 - back up to 37 sts before the first marker. Going much faster now that I’m purling correctly. Loving the clean look of the stockinette.

11/23/11 - past the garter stitch row. First time with the M2 stitch. Still chugging along.

11/27/11 - seperated sleeves tonight.

12/8/11 - Chugging along in stockinette. Haven’t had much time to knit this week so its been a slow go.

12/16/11- Attended a conference for the past two days, was able to get alot done on the body. 9 more inches until bo the body.

01/05/12 - Still working on this a few rows at a time. Still on the body. 19 inches from CO edge!! So close!!

1/8/12 - bound off body!!! Fit looks to be perfect at this point. Onto the sleeves. Decided to use magic loop method to construct sleeves.

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November 13 2011
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