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Cheeky for me!
May 1 2011
May 2 2011
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Cheeky for me!
Cheeky Knit Bikini by Jessica Morsell
teeny weenie
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Lily Sugar'n Cream Crafter's Cotton Solids

You guys have no idea what I went through to arrive at that stinkin’ little bikini bottom. Really. It’s not my strong suit. I have an especially short pelvis, ad there is no such thing as a bikini or undies that fit me correctly…they all ride clear to my navel. So I had to knit some! But using my tush as a guide is incredibly difficult when drafting a pattern and not having the pieces seamed together. But success! I use this bikini everywhere I go, and didn’t spend a fortune. Hooray! Now please don’t laugh at my bum…that’s my personal bikini you see thar.

Ooh, I forgot to mention the extra inch in the bottoms. The one shown was my prototype, but the pattern has an extra inch in height already written in, so it won’t ride quite as low. The pattern page suggest you can add yet another inch (not written into the pattern and probably not necessary) if you’re not feeling daring.

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May 1 2011
May 2 2011
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