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Handspun Sassymetrical

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March 3 2014
March 18 2014
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Handspun Sassymetrical
sassymetrical by Gay Schiff
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Love Letters Merino/Bamboo/Silk
0.0 yards (0.0 meters), 225 grams
Love Letters

Great pattern! It was the perfect pattern for hand spun yarn, because it is knit from the top down. I tried it on as I knitted. I had 5 grams of yarn left at the end!

I spun this yarn especially to make this little cardigan. I am hoping it will be my first handspun sweater.
I cast on 147 stitches (37 m 19 m 35 m 19 m 37).
I knit for about 8” with the increases; 30 increases (60 rows) - (67 m 79 m 95 m 79 m 67).
When I put the sleeve stitches on hold, I added 6 stitches to the underarm before joining the front and back, I used the reverse cable cast on for those stitches.
Before I joined the second skein of yarn (about 2” below underarm join) I finished the sleeves (so that I would know how much yarn I had to finish the body).
For the sleeves I knit 5 rows plain and then did the two decrease rows. I knit 4 rows of seed stitch before binding off the stitches (just regular, next time I would BO like the pattern).
I started the decreases on the body at about 2.5” below underarm. I chose to make the decreases in the back (for this method you divide the back stitches into 4 and place markers at the first 1/4 and third 1/4, so half of the stitches lie between the two markers). I chose a ‘K2tog through the back loops’ (left leaning decrease) after the first marker, and ‘K2tog’ (right leaning decrease) before the second marker as the decreases - every 4th row.
When I had 35 stitches between the markers, I moved the markers out 10 stitches on each side - for a ‘design element’ (second photo from the top).
I continued the decreases all the way down the back.
I knit the body for about 11.5” under the arm.
When I had 10 grams of yarn (I used about 1g per row), I decided to start the seed stitch border. The border starts on the wrong side to be able to knit 6 rows and bind off on the wrong row. I did the bind off very tightly like the pattern.

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March 3 2014
March 18 2014
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