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Jenica Hoodie
November 15 2011
January 19 2012
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Jenica Hoodie
Jenica Hoodie by Joji Locatelli
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
madelinetosh Tosh Chunky
7.5 skeins = 1237.5 yards (1131.6 meters)

Starting a new sweater with this crazy beautiful yarn!
I fell in love with this idea… I just hope I can reproduce it with my needles! (See the sketch in the last pictures)
This yarn is unvelievable. I have no idea how they get to twist it like this… It is so round and bouncy… And well, I now understand why this color is so popular!

It will involve big cables, lots of changing directions…. a hood, pockets…

This will not be the regular straight forward sweater, but it will be fun!
I will start sharing the construction with everybody… I hope you find it amusing!

This sweater was named after my good friend Jenica. One of the many friends ravelry has gifted me…

Before starting:
Gauge: 14.5 st and 23 rows to 4 inches.

1st Stage: Vertical Cable
Provisionally cast on
Row 1: Knit
Row 3: Knit
Row 5: Cross
Cross every 4th.
Oops, had to frog. I need the cable to be bigger. Starting again with more stitches
Crossing every 6th this time…
Cable is 19 cm long and 6 cm wide.
Moving onto the following section…

2nd Stage: Yoke
After having a big fight with my WIP last night, it eventually decided to cooperate and look as it was supposed to…
I am pretty happy with it today… Let’s see if it continues to behave!
So for this section I cast on, 10 below the cable and 11 above it.
Then worked wrapping: 6 st after cable, 3 st after cable, 1 st before cable.
I hope this will bring me to a good yoke shape. I didn’t like it too much when it was pulling on the neckside.

According to my maths, I should have 16.5 repeats of the cable.
So this is what I am going to do:
I will work 2 repeats less than required for each size.
The last 2 will be for neck shaping.
So in this cas I work 14.
Next repeat:
Work 2 rows (1st row is the one I cable in)
3rd row work to 4 st vefore the end, p2tog, p2
I do not work short rows on this side to allow for a larger neckline.
After the 6th row I work a short row below the cable.
No, that didn’t work the yoke was too big.
So no decreases for the neck… And only 14 repeats.
(Should start writing this baby up now…)
OK! 2nd stage (Yoke) is done! Bocking and moving on to stage 3…

3rd Stage: Body
Looking good!
Still looking a little bit tight, but I am hoping for a lot of blocking here! And I don’t like loose busts, so…
Anyway, I Picked up 76 st at each side of the cable.
Then divided as follows:
26 for front, 32 for sleeve, 53 for back.
Worked 2 inc rows, so I ended up with 28, 34, 57.
Then joined the body, and when doing it, I CO 12 new stitches in the armhole, placing marker after the 6th.
So I ended up with:34 for fronts, 69 for back.
After 14 rows, decrease row.
Repeat the decrease row every 8th row twice more.

Stage 4: Sleeves
Pick up all the stitches we had on hold for the sleeves.
Knit through all of them and the CO 6 new st, pm, co 6 more.
Join in the round.
Start in stockinette and decrease row every 12th row.
Sleeves are looking good!!!! So glad the maths worked for these… :D

Stage 5: Pockets
Left Pocket first:

OK, so I missed some notes for the pockets!
It is looking a little bit small, I hope I can block the hell of this baby out!

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November 15 2011
January 19 2012
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