March 4, 2016
March 14, 2016


Project info
Banyan by Ysolda Teague
Needles & yarn
Triskelion Emrys Lace BFL
70 yards in stash
0.92 skeins = 805.0 yards (736.1 meters), 92 grams

Yarn usage
Chart A 23 rows - 25g
chart B rows 24-63 - 60g
First pair of short row wedges - 82g
Second pair of short row wedges - 86g
Third pair of short row wedges - 88g
Fourth pair of short row wedges - 92g

I cast on 515 stitches and used stitch markers between the repeat boxes (better to play it safe with so many stitches. Apart from the side repeats, there are 30 stitches in each box. There are 17 repeats, so you need 16 stitch markers.

When changing charts from A to B, those 30 stitches are reduced to 28 on the first row. Also the markers need to be over one place to the left, in order to match up with the new repeat box. This is simple enough to do whilst you are knitting.

After row 62, I added a WS row 63 (as the next part starts with a RS row)

At this point I remove my markers as it became very clear where the rib columns were. I did use two markers,one to set the place of the first w&t and one mobile marker to set the next w&t as I went along.

Column 23 is about 231 stitches from the beginning

I do have some issues with chart A as it is, but when in doubt, stick with the pattern as it is set, and it will be fine.

I did get something wrong during my fourth pair of short row wedges, but I kept in pattern And kept stitch count and the shawl turned out fine :-)

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March 4, 2016
March 14, 2016
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