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Cursed Yarn Socks
August 13 2012
April 28 2013
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Cursed Yarn Socks
Mystery Sock '09 by Kirsten Kapur
64 sts
Needles & yarn
Studioloo tiptoe
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1 skein = 402.0 yards (367.6 meters), 115 grams
April 28, 2012

Okay, I finally finished this. The yarn was cursed, I swear. This was actually the third sock I started with this yarn. Now, that’s not to say the yarn is in any way bad. It’s beautiful. The colour is beautiful. It’s soft, it’s easy to work with. Studioloo is an amazing fiber artist and I always buy her sock yarn. I think it might’ve been a combination of weird ancient voodoo curse and my inability to concentrate on any pattern, for whatever odd reason.

This pair of socks still isn’t up to spec with the pattern. I blame the yarn. The toes aren’t right and the cuffs don’t match. BUT, if you can’t see the mistake from three feet away it isn’t a mistake, right? BWAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I love the socks. They fit perfectly, they feel amazing on the feet, and I’m ready to cast on another sock with more Bootsie.

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August 13 2012
April 28 2013
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by Studioloo
80% Merino, 20% Nylon
402 yards / 115 grams

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